Pretzels Children's Boutique carries charming clothing designs for all little ones. They exclusively source fabrics that are all-natural, organic, soft, and free from harsh dyes or chemicals. All of the clothing is handmade with love & care. They also carry art supplies, games, accessories, stationery, furniture, and books!


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Print Design

The custom illustration of a pretzel is a sweet and fitting addition to complement the name of the boutique. Pretzels logo typography reflects the fresh, whimsical clothing styles of the brand. The hang tags and shopping bags are intentionally designed with recycled paper materials.

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children's Boutique

Pretzels children's Boutique

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The curated visuals for their social media presence were created to immediately draw their ideal client to the brand and prompt them to "stop the scroll." (This is the goal of every effective social media strategy!) Then, compelling messaging throughout all content types (within captions, Reels, IG Stories, etc.) will serve to fulfill their social media marketing goals and top KPIs. Examples include: increasing website traffic, building a loyal customer base, collecting user generated content, etc.

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Mockup: Anthony Boyd Graphics

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