Calily Life Brands is a wellness company that offers a line of natural and organic personal care products. Their commitment to quality includes: using high-quality organic ingredients, no harsh chemicals, therapeutic essential oils, traditional remedies with modern science and no animal cruelty.  Calily Life Brands offers skincare and body products that you can trust for your daily self care routine. 

Calily life brands

scope: social media management, art direction, CONTENT CREATION (video & static)

kind words

kind words

We had the BEST experience working with Sophia!

I love it! Very elegant, simple, yet detailed. You nailed it!

The redesigned social media has increased our sales. Your creative direction & social media management are terrific!

I absolutely love your vision! This branding speaks to me. My favorite part is how it screams confidence. 

We rebranded with the help of
Social Bean Media & everything they created was nothing short of excellent.