Calily Life Brands


Calily Life Brands initially came to Social Bean Media for social media management services. After an intentional brand strategy process, the project developed to include a brand refresh and art direction that their ideal customer would instantly gravitate towards.

The brand's philosophy is to use high quality, natural ingredients for skincare you can trust. Their commitment to quality includes: using high-quality organic ingredients, no harsh chemicals, therapeutic essential oils, traditional remedies with modern science and no animal cruelty. 

calily Life Brands

natural and organic skincare brand


Social Media Management
Art Direction
Content Creation
Brand Refresh

The direction we choose to implement has a garden-fresh feeling. The color palette is kept more muted, with shades of green & cream/rose to complement the feeling. Incorporating linen textures, artful shadows, elements of greenery and water in the photography helps establish, as well as ground, the direction.

behind the design

fresh  |  natural  |  welcoming  |  restful  |  genuine

creative direction:

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The social media strategy integrated content pillars to embody the unique elements of the business. For example, Calily Life's philosophy & commitment to quality ingredients, a focus on self-care and healthy living, and other content pillars guided the strategy to genuinely resonate with their target audience. We placed an emphasis on video content (i.e. Reels & IG Stories) to reach larger audiences, resulting in an influx of product inquiries. Daily account management and a focus on community & outbound engagement contributed to an engaged audience.

We also integrated an Instagram Shop storefront to Calily Life's account so users could browse and buy products directly within the app.

behind the strategy