New ‘Show All’ IG Story Feature & How to Adapt

Sophia Marvin

May 24, 2022

Instagram has yet another new feature that’s being tested and rolled out. 👀

Keep reading for a full explanation on the new IG feature, what is means for your business account, and how you can adapt your content strategy going forward!

Preview of New IG Feature for Stories

What is the ‘Show All’ IG Feature?

Instagram has been testing a new layout / presentation that limits, or hides, your stories after 3* story slides. In order for users to see the rest of your content, they have to click ‘Show all.’ If ‘Show all’ is not clicked, users will automatically be shown the following account with visible stories in the same first 3 slides layout.

*UPDATE: On my personal Instagram account, I’ve seen 7 of __number of total story slides__. Pictured below ⤵️. Same suggestions to adapt your strategy still apply, as all of the other accounts I manage have the “3 of #” update – so IG is clearly testing multiple versions of the update!

new show all ig feature 7 of number of story slides example from the app

What to Expect

  • As this feature is rolled out and tested on various account, you should expect to see your first 3 stories have an increase in overall views.
  • However, also expect to see a significant decrease of views after the first 3 slides.

Adapting Your Content Strategy for New IG Features

  • Be clear and concise in getting your brand’s message across by grabbing your audience’s attention in the first 3 slides.
  • Test out a Call to Action where you prompt story viewers to click ‘Show all.’
  • As this update continues to roll out, you’ll be able to more easily identify your brand’s potential customers / leads and super fans, because they will have gone out of their way to view all of your IG story content.
    • Going forward, consider including something unexpected in your later stories to reward those who clicked ‘Show all’ 🐣
  • There are a lot of engaging and creative ways to adapt and adjust your content strategy with this update, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different tactics!

My Thoughts

This update goes back to the goal of any social media platform – keeping users on the platform as long as possible.

It allows us as consumers to quickly view more content by people/brands that we follow. This update also aligns with our decreasing attention spans and how we tend to scroll past content within a few seconds, just applied to IG Stories.

Overall: As a consumer, I will probably enjoy this update and be able to keep up with more people overall. As a social media manager? Not my favorite update as it’ll focus on hiding and condensing content…BUT It’ll be a fun challenge, will provide insight into more engaged audience members and leaves room for creativity! 🥳

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