Top Social Media & Marketing Trends

Sophia Marvin

July 12, 2021

Based on expert assessments, businesses can prepare their strategies to better meet changing behaviors of consumers.

Stay ahead of the social media and marketing trends by including the following into your content marketing strategy:

1. Going Live

This is popular for both brands, as well as individuals, because you are able to interact and engage directly with your audience. Of all content types, live videos have the highest engagement rate.

2. Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is marketing that uses consumer data to customize marketing in order to target specific demographics. This can include ads, product suggestions based on previous purchases, presenting offers via email to a specific group, etc.

Taking consumer data to sell more effectively is not new for companies, but social media can help narrow demographics even more.

3. Self-Aware Marketing

Self-aware marketing focuses on a brand putting out satirical content often poking fun at the brand itself. This helps brands stand out from the crowd. You’ll definitely be more likely to remember Oatly’s advertisements over others, for example! (pictured below) This tactic uses reverse psychology and still promotes a product in a round-about way.

4. Short Form Videos

One of the top trends to incorporate into your marketing strategy now and throughout the year is short form videos. This format is one of the most engaging types of content for consumers.

Entertaining, easy-to-watch short videos are having incredible results for businesses across multiple platforms. Currently, Instagram is favoring and pushing accounts that create Reels, so incorporating this feature may boost your account. Along with creating Reels, consider starting a TikTok accounts for your business. This can push your business’s name to a larger, more diverse audience\

5. Socially Conscious Audiences

The impact of socially conscious audiences is a trends that greatly arose in 2020 and will continue for years to come.

We saw the increased focus on mental health, social, political and environmental issues on social media in 2020. Businesses will continue to take to social media platforms to share their business philosophies, as well as sharing overall positive content. This helps create an open dialogue with their audience, making them more approachable.

Brands that share positive and socially conscious content become more memorable with consumers.

6. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is another top trend. Media consumers want to have better, more personal experiences with their favorite brands. This marketing approach is feedback-oriented and increases engagement, customer loyalty and grows the customer base. Building relationships with your customers through authentic experiences – conversations, greatly increases sales and leads for businesses.


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