Why Clients Love Showit Websites

Sophia Marvin

June 14, 2022

Nothing compares to Showit – it’s a drag-and-drop website hosting platform and builder built specifically for photographers, creatives, and small business owners in mind.

Known for being incredibly user friendly, yet 100% customizable as a blank slate for full creative flexibility, it’s no surprise that Showit is a client favorite (and mine too!)

Keep reading for the top 6 reasons why my clients the platform, and why it might be perfect for you!

If you’d like to try out Showit yourself, click here to get a free month of the platform!

Showit websites for creative entrepreneurs

You’re probably thinking…

Why Should I Switch to Showit?

Creative Flexibility – Showit Was Made For Creative Entrepreneurs

Showit is hands down the best platform for creatives! It was originally made for photographers to have creative freedom over their online presence. I actually use Showit for my own website and for almost all of my clients!

With complete creative control over the design, there are no creative restrictions when bringing your fully custom, one-of-a-kind corner of the internet to life.

There really is no comparison between Showit and other options on the market when looking at creative flexibility. Acting as a blank canvas, you won’t be restricted based on templates for functionality because you can showcase your products and services with your unique style and personality in mind.

Easy Updates

With a drag-and-drop builder, you’ll be able to easily make updates yourself and ensure that your site is always up to date. And if you need any help, the friendly Showit support team is a live chat message away!

After projects with my clients, I provide custom website video walkthroughs and tutorials showing you how to edit and update on your own as your business and offerings grow – without worrying about code! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Custom Mobile Experience

Unlike other website builders… with Showit you have complete creative control over your user’s mobile experience. You’re able to design your desktop and mobile experience seperately which allows for ideal mobile optimization.

And designing strategically for mobile just isn’t optional anymore. Take a look at this statistic from Statista:

“Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. In the fourth quarter of 2021, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 54.4 percent of global website traffic.”

Take this as your reminder to make sure your potential customers or clients have an experience worth revisiting on your mobile site. Ready for some help? Fill out my client application form here so we can create a bespoke digital home for your brand. ๐Ÿ’™

Showit Integrates with WordPress for Blogging

With the platform, you have the ability to create custom, stunning blog designs within the Showit builder, combined with the power of a WordPress blog.

Other perks: Showit offers free blog migration and the wonderful team even sets up your blog for you!

Platform Integrations – Add a Shop to Your Showit Website

Thinking about adding a shop on your website?
You’ve really come across the perfect platform for you. Showit has incredible capabilities for e-commerce. *

One of my favorite things is how easy it is to integrate other platforms. For example, you’re able to use Shopify Lite buttons, integrate with Kajabi, ThriveCart, Thinkific, etc.

Are you an influencer or content creator?
Showit even integrates with LiketoKnow.it!

You can also integrate contact forms, schedulers, platforms such as Dubsado, Honeybook, Interact, and more!

* However, if you are a fully e-commerce brand, I would recommend Shopify. Some clients are a better fit for Shopify while others can benefit from using Shopify Lite Buttons on a Showit website.

Built – In SEO

The platform is incredibly SEO – friendly. Showit makes it simple to get your site discovered by your ideal clients through search engines. It has a designated SEO settings area for titles, meta descriptions and share images. You’re also able to make sure your website content is optimized with titles and keyword rich descriptions of photos, as well as implementing proper HTML text tags.

Clearly I love the platform and could go on about how fantastic it is, but for now, these are my top 6 reasons why my clients absolutely love Showit websites. ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you’d like to try out Showit yourself, click here to get a free month of the platform!

If you’re ready to move your business forward confidently with a custom website designed to convert visitors into customers, check out my client application form here so we can schedule a time to chat!

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