Basic Steps to Set Up an Instagram Bio that Converts

Sophia Marvin

October 12, 2021

Remember, you have 2.7 seconds to grab someone’s attention and 150 characters to work for your business’s Instagram your bio. Your Instagram Bio functions as your business calling card – they’re the first impression people have of you and your brand. Set up your bio correctly to increase followers, as well as increasing your sales by directing social media traffic to your website or shop tab.

So, where should you start? Let’s go over the basics on how to set up an Instagram Bio that converts.

Social Bean Media - Set up Instagram Bio that Converts Followers and Sales

1. Your Instagram Name Field

Your username and name field are the ONLY fields used for direct Instagram searches. I’ve had clients who said they found Social Bean Media because we were the first account to pop up in their Instagram search – all because of our optimized name field! The goal is to appear in the search section of the app, when your target audience is looking for keywords relating to your business. Don’t sleep on this feature.

Social Bean Media - Have your potential clients find you

2. Your 150 Character Instagram Bio

Briefly describe what your business is and what your brand can do for potential customers. This section is what should grab the attention of people who come across your account and make them want to follow along. Be sure to make this section incredibly clear and concise. Try adding emojis or icons to your Instagram bio, they help your bio section stand out!

Social Bean Media - Instagram Bio Optimization Tips

3. Include a CTA in your Instagram Bio – Call to Action

Add a Call to Action to the last line of your Instagram bio to direct visitors who come across your profile to the next step in their customer journey. Add a call to action to contact you, send you a DM, visit a sales page link, visit your website’s link page, etc.

Social Bean Media - Instagram Call to Action Tips

If your Instagram bio hasn’t been updated in a while, here’s your reminder to spruce it up today! Make your brand’s first impression on new visitors count by updating your bio at least every 4-6 weeks.

A well crafted bio can help you attract your target audience, increase your sales, and drive traffic to your products and services.

Looking for more tips to set your brand’s Instagram up for success? Check out our Instagram page here – we share marketing tips regularly!

If you’re ready to transform and elevate your brand’s online presence, start here to learn more about Social Bean Media and how we can help you reach your wildest dreams.


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